Each Dhaka Pattern is Unique

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Dhaka patterns are as meaningful as they are unique, with each design carrying with it the history and stories of the Nepali people.


Traditional Geometrics

Hundreds of variations in design, color and size are available in the traditional geometric patterns.

Each is unique and special as interpreted by the weaver.


Princess Pattern

The original gold princess pattern was designed for the Royal Wedding of Princess Shruti.

The pattern entails a complicated technique of incorporating a delicate flower.

It is woven in several colors now including yellow, pink, red and purple.



This traditional design represents the principality of Baktapur, which was originally independent and ruled by a king.

Today, Baktapur, near Kathmandu, is a tourist destination.


Japan Flower Petal

Many years ago, a Japanese client asked for a contemporary flower motif.

Little did we know that it would have worldwide appeal!


The Hillary Shawl

 This is a traditional geometric design modified with bold black and gold Dhaka weaves color combination. This special shawl was presented to First Lady Hillary Clinton when she visited Nepal at the invitation of the late King Birendra.

The Women Entrepreneur Association of Nepal (WEAN) presented the shawl to her at a member exhibition organized in her honor. The same evening Mrs. Clinton wore it to her audience with King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya. Since then the shawl is popularly known as Hillary Shawl. Due to the its strength and character, it is one of our most popular selling items.



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