Tewa Teas

How to Attend or Host a Tewa Tea

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves – Winter Park, CO – 2010 

“Tewa” means “support” in Nepali.

The Tewa Teas, social gatherings held in various locations throughout the United States, provide the archway between the women of Nepal and the global marketplace. The teas yield tangible results that promote both social responsibility and encourage women’s economic engagement.

Below, we have organized information that will help you plan, coordinate and organize Tewa Tea events to raise visibility and support for the work of Dhaka Weavers.  These events are grounded in the belief that supporting women in Nepal can be an act of global social change, and that by connecting people with opportunities for hosting a Tewa Tea we are building a closer knit global community of advocates for the rights of women.

We invite you to join us at a Tewa Tea or host a Tewa Tea.  Each year, hundreds gather to celebrate each other, re-connect and network by appreciating women’s work.  Nepali women inherited an age-old tradition of rare hand-woven textile creation and remarkable quality craftsmanship.  Dhaka Weaves, a textile company in Nepal, is devoted to helping women create a culture of self-reliance based on this tradition.

These beautiful weavings are sold exclusively through fundraisers called “Tewa Teas,” and through this website.

Tewa Tea Schedule

(Exact dates coming soon!)

New angels welcomed! Deep bows of gratitude, Susanne


*Confirmed dates
*New locations and hostesses would be wonderful
*Strategic partners to spread the word about the Teas
*Volunteers to cashier, set up and pack up, tell the story, offer cookies, make tea



 Jalbert Consulting has worked with and supported Dhaka Weaves since 1987.

For information on how you can host a Tewa Tea, please contact:

Dhaka Weaves * c/o Jalbert Consulting * PO Box 112 * Winter Park, CO  80482 * Tel: 970.726.9440 * E-Mail: wwjalbert@aol.com


Recipe for Tewa Tea

1 warm willing hostess
A couple of GREAT mailing lists
1 bright sunny day, about 3 hours
Tea, cookies and a fixed date
Add 1 Tewa supporter to tell the story and show the DVD
Fold in 1 or 2 suitcases of fabulous new Dhaka Weaves textiles
Stir all ingredients energetically
Result: a fabulous fundraiser benefiting the women of Nepal

Tewa Tea Success Notes

Success Notes (also known as Sales Increase When…)

1. A “save the date” announcement is sent 1 month in advance
2. A “save the date” announcement is sent 2 weeks in advance
3. Someone tells the Dhaka story
4. Everyone is draped with a textile so they feel and hear the story
5. Refreshments are offered
6. Thank you notes are sent after the event (see postcards in your kit)

Call Bill 970 726 9440

  Join us!  Be a Tewa Angel.