The Scarves

Dhaka Weaves come in a host of easy care fabrics including cotton, silk and pashmina wool.

All Dhaka textiles are lovingly hand-loomed-one thread at a time.


Cotton is the traditional and original natural fabric for Dhaka Weaves textiles.

In fact, the word “Dhaka” actually means cotton in Nepali.

Most Dhaka cloth is woven with weft-inlay patterns

enhanced by dazzling colors.



Dhaka Weaves are also available in the luxurious Pashmina wool.

Pashmina is considered the world’s premier cashmere.

The name is derived from pashm, the Persian word for wool.



Dhaka weaves are also done with silk, the most difficult medium to work in as it is so fine and so very intricate.

Due to its high quality and luminosity, it costs twice as much and requires two to three times more labor to produce.