The Weavers

Meet One of Our Weavers: Nani Maiya Maharjan

Nani Maiya Maharjan was born in a farming family in the suburbs of Kathmandu. She has two older brothers and two older sisters. Her parents worked hard at their farm to raise their children. While Nani Maiya was still young, both parents grew sick with asthma.

The brothers did not look after the parents, and her sisters were married early. She did not want to see her ailing parents work hard so, even though her parents wanted her to study, she joined the first Dhaka Weaves training about 19 years ago at the young age of 12 years old.

Nani Maiya earned enough money to treat her parents in a good hospital in Kathmandu. However, about six years ago, they both passed away within a year of each other.

All along, Nani Maiya’s to-be mother-in-law, who came from the same village and was keenly observing her, asked her to be her son’s wife. She became the wife of this man that she had not yet seen or met, at the urgings of her two sisters. All, however, worked out well for them. Her husband works in an Arab country to pay off the loans accumulated by his family to marry off their other sons and daughters. Nani Maiya has a 4 year old son who goes to school and is the apple of the eye of the entire family for being the only child so far.

Nani Maiya stopped her work at Dhaka Weaves for four years to raise her son. She has now rejoined Dhaka Weaves, because she is a very skilled weaver, and although her family is economically comfortable today, she likes to have her own earnings. Also, with her son in school and her husband away, the weaving keeps her very busy.