The Dhaka Story

Dhaka Weaves, founded in 1991, is a non-profit company devoted to preserving traditional Nepali weaving and to creating a culture of self-reliance.  Nepali women inherited an age-old tradition of rare hand-woven textile creation and remarkable quality craftsmanship.  Proceeds from the sale of Dhaka textiles on this site go directly back to Nepali women weavers.

Although Nepal has experienced destabilization for more than 10 years, Dhaka Weaves has steadily employed women weavers.  These weavers are primarily from remote villages and, often, are disabled, abused or economically under-privileged.  Dhaka Weaves creates a welcoming skills training and work environment, including daycare facilities, for these special women to produce international standard textiles.  Dhaka assists the weavers by upgrading skills with periodic technical trainings, offering professional guidance and counseling, linking entrepreneurs to local retail markets, providing seminars, workshops and trade fairs, and locating global market niches for natural, hand-woven, brilliantly colored, exquisitely designed textiles.

All of these efforts combine to help the women weavers build confidence and self-esteem. As she learns this folkloric craft, and diligently improves her creative and technical skills, a woman can earn an income and embrace a better standard of living for her family.

Dhaka Weaves Weaving Center was built in 2005. The land was donated and all of the costs of the building were raised from friends within and outside of Nepal.  The weavers contributed, too, by offering their labor when possible during the actual building of the new facility.  The weaving center has so far survived Nepal’s many transitions, strikes, and Maoist pressures, including the recent violent conflict.

Dhaka Weaves textiles are brought to us by the many volunteers who hand-carry them back from their travels to Nepal. The weavings are then sold exclusively at Tewa Tea fundraisers, and now on this website. Tewa means “support” in Nepali.

Jalbert Consulting has worked with and supported Dhaka Weaves since 1987.


Rita Thapa (Dhaka founder/board member) and Cindy Lindsay (Dhaka carrying volunteer).